Leaves Are Turning

homeThere is a window on the landing of our staircase, here at BabyOBaby.com, that looks out onto a lovely old maple tree. Each Fall, I am surprised by a glimpse of red among the green. I am always a bit startled by my find and amazed that the turn begins before I am expecting it. I laugh at myself and take account of the passing of time.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love the Fall! I actually love every season and have never been able to pick a favorite.

Now, I know that the leaves will turn extraordinary colors and then, sadly, start to drop froma1967-thetree the branches. But, I will check and admire that tree every time I pass that window. I will watch as every last leaf has left every last branch. I will continue to use it as a sort of visual barometer…rain, ice, and eventually snow (and sometimes lots of it). I will wait for all the snow to melt away and then once again, I will be startled to see little red buds appear on it’s branches before I am expecting them. I know, that soon after, I can rely on the bud casings falling away with tender leaves emerging. In a few short weeks the tree will be covered in brilliant shiny green leaves again and my thoughts will turn to the glorious season ahead.

I love this tree. It is an old friend. My quiet companion in life. A reminder of the cycle. A comfort that demonstrates…some things may change but, they still can remain predictable, reliable, constant.

Hoping you are enjoying the change of season too!

Carpe Diem, Alison


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